Choosing the Right Elder Law Attorney

Far too often, the needs of our eldest citizens in the community are over- looked or under-represented. It takes a special kind of person to truly care for the needs of the elderly and to work on their behalf. Unless you are fortunate enough to live in the Pittsburgh, PA area to enlist the help of Michael Marks of Marks Elder Law firm, sometimes, finding the right person to do that can be hard. Here, Michael Marks offers you 3 simple questions to ask yourself to assist you in finding the right elder law attorney.

Question 1: What is their primary focus?
Elder law is an extremely complicated matter. The laws regarding benefits for veterans, Medicaid procedures and applications, and government programs are detailed constantly changing every year. Lawyers who did not specialize in elder law are at a disadvantage when it comes to helping clients with those areas. Unless your lawyer has intimate knowledge of the topic, you could be getting left out to dry. Find a lawyer who specializes in the needs associated with elder law.

Question 2: Do they have the right experience?
In addition to their primary focus, what level of experience does the attorney bring to the table? Michael Marks of Marks Elder Law brings over 35 years of experience. This knowledge of the industry gives his clients piece of mind when they work with him. What level of experience does your potential elder law attorney have that you believe can help benefit you? Ask about their experience and knowledge in certain areas like Medicaid and estate planning.

Question 3: What is their success rate for clients?
Finally, not only do you want an attorney who has helped clients such as yourself, but you want someone who was successful in doing so. Having a low success rate could potentially mean an attorney is not as well versed in the area as one would hope.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Attorneys are here to help you. Make sure that you choose the right attorney so that you are comfortable with the type of help you are receiving.

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